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Automate Your Reporting
Stop wasting time exporting and crunching data.
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Leverage search functionality and create time-based reporting for your Lead and Opportunities queries.
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Highly Customizable
Answer specific business questions creating custom queries and dashboards.

Why Smart Reporting?

Smart Reporting lets you visualize your data in real-time, gather insights and increase performance. Create Dashboards and watch your KPIs evolve!

Create Lead Queries to find number of leads.

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“How many leads were created from Facebook Ads per week this year?”

Create Opportunity Queries to find number of Opportunities.

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“How many Opportunities were created per month, last quarter, that where assigned to a specific Sales Rep?”

Perform arithmetic operations between Metrics.

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“What was the Conversion Rate per month for Opportunities from the Manufacturing Industry?”
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“Unlock the potential of your data”

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